Result Options

Too much paperwork is a problem for all of us. Titan Laboratories solution to this problem is to provide several options. Customers may select one or a combination of the following:

  • Reporting Methods
    - Email (PDF)
    - Fax
    - Mail
    - Text
    - Online
  • Ability to receive all results, just expectations, or just critical
  • Same results provided to as many contacts as designated, not all contacts need to receive the same level of reports
  • Various monthly reporting options available
  • Immediate notification on ALL critical oil reports

Our customers may select one and/or several personnel to receive the reports by any of the formats listed above. Titan Laboratories understands the complexities of maintaining a fleet and wants to ensure that reports are getting to the correct personnel.

In addition, Titan Laboratories has well-trained Evaluators call our customers on all “Critical” samples. Our evaluators are available to answer and help guide customers in correcting any abnormal wear issues. Daily calls made to our customers ensure the superior level of customer service that Titan Laboratories provides.