Dear Titan Laboratories,
I would like to take this time to thank you for your great customer service you have provided. Every month I receive a count of how many samples we have used. This is very helpful to us. We always get our results back on time without fail. This makes my job a lot easier. Thank you once again. "
East Coast Maintenance Company

"The results that we get from Titan are quick and accurate. The pre-paid postage is a big help in expediting our results. Our most critical application involves modified pulling tractors that produce up to 3,000 hp and are looking for a reason to blow up, so attention to these tests are imperative. Thanks, to Titan Labs for your effort in getting this information back to us in a quick fashion."
Midwest Oil Distributor

"Titan Laboratories has always been prompt and helpful. This service has saved us a large amount of money and time over the last eight years. A good history of oil analysis on any engine from Titan Laboratories is one of the top ingredients of a good preventative maintenance program."
Southern School Transit Dept

"In 1986 our city implemented a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. We rely heavily on oil analysis to direct our maintenance efforts and obtain the greatest return on the maintenance dollar. I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Marina Radoumis and the other Titan Lab personnel who are part of this achievement. Instant phone notification…allows us to take immediate action to remove the unit from service and correct problems at an early stage. Thank you and your employees for the fine effort and know that Titan Laboratories’ work product is appreciated and demonstrates long-term results."
Rocky Mountain Municipality

"Titan Labs has been doing engine oil testing for me for at least 20 years. The thoroughness of their testing has allowed me to prevent serious engine damage on numerous occasions. EGR coolers are a new problem for us, they don’t leak large quantities of coolant into the oil so the intrusion could cause engine damage before showing any visible signs of coolant in the oil. Last year, 2011, we replaced 6 EGR coolers as a result of early warnings from Titan testing."
West Coast Distribution Company

"Thank you for the great job you did in Salt Lake City at our Product Support Summit. You did a great job of rolling out the program and demonstrating that you are an expert in this field with humor and charm"
Rocky Mountain Heavy Equipment Company

"I have to admit I love this e-mail option. I love getting the reports via e-mail and the only ones I would say to fax are any that are critical and of course then I know that I will also be getting hard copies in the mail."
West Coast Transit

"Thanks for the quick handling of my order and for hooking me up with the new format on the emailing of the Lab Results. This was by far the quickest turn around on results that I have experienced."
Rocky Mountain Trucking Company

"We have been associated with Titan Laboratories since 1982 and our partnership has always been great… Titan’s service, from the beginning, has been outstanding. The prompt and accurate information provided by Titan has saved us many major engine and transmission rework jobs, and Titan’s people are always looking out for our best interest."
West Coast Transit

"Your fuel analysis program insures quality fuel and identified a vendor delivering #2 diesel instead of the contracted #1 diesel."
Rocky Mountain Municipality

"Prior to dealing with Titan we were sending out oil samples to a lab which is affiliated with a major equipment manufacturer. From time to time we received erroneous reports that caused us unnecessary, costly repairs… because Titan Laboratories is an independent lab we have greater confidence that we will receive oil analysis reports that are accurate and unbiased. We are confident that Titan Laboratories has equal experience and interest in the various equipment types that we use."
East Coast County Road Department

"On at least two occasions these oil sample tests have saved us from $5,000 to $10,000 worth of repairs to diesel engines. I have also found that when I sell some of our older equipment the potential buyers are happy to see the continuing results of the oil samples that are tested in your laboratory. These records usually results in an easy sale."
Mid West Oil Distributor

"We are proud to send our customers and potential customers copies of reports from Titan because we feel your lab is very professional and that your analysis is accurate… We completely trust your lab and its people."
North West Distributor

"Due to your expediency in processing our oil samples, and responding back to us with vital information on problem oil samples, Titan Labs has saved our company time and money without the chance of equipment failure."
Southern Asphalt Company

"The phone calls have also been a great help in diagnosing and pinpointing the problem areas. We have also been able to impress some of our dealers with warranty claims by showing them our oil sample reports. Thanks for all of the personal attention and concern you have for our company and equipment."
North East Aggregate Company

"Your company has been very responsive to all of our requests and your advice on our oil analysis program has been helpful and beneficial. The service you provide to your accounts has been superior."
West Coast Transit Company

"We have used Titan Labs for our oil, fuel, and coolant sampling for the last 3 years. The turnaround time is fast, and they contact us by telephone regarding samples that need immediate attention. We like the fact we can speak directly to their laboratory associates when we have a question about results."
North East Generator Company